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2004 Ford Truck FORD F150 PICKUP SN: T0851

Parting out - 2004 Ford Truck FORD F150 PICKUP, Contact: 800.201.7402 (toll free), Email: randy@pamsauto.com, From 8:00AM-5:00PM Mon-Fri

How to Refill EPSON ink

Replace ink cartridges cost too much. DIY and refill the printer ink over and over. Here is a video on how to refill ink on an EPSON printer.
gary w : You need to squeeze the side, middle bottom, repeatedly, because this primes ink down into the 3rd, bottom chamber. The cartridge has 3 chambers. By putting the ink into the 2nd chamber (as you show correctly), the 1st chamber also fills (top left), but the bottom chamber where the ink comes out, is very hard to get ink into, which is what massaging the cartridge accomplishes. This also will cause some spillage, which you correctly mentioned, but this is inevitable, meaning, wear gloves.
Jenell Solo : Thank you for the info! Would refilling the cartridge before it gets a low ink warning prevent me from having to reset the chip? Thanks again for the tutorial. :-) 
BinxBoi : This was so helpful. Thank you for posting this
Rebecca Shaw-Trenary : Thank you.. I used your own info and it worked great..... Only I used some ink cartridges that didn't go to my printer. But it worked....
G O : Thanks, have used inkjet refill kits for years now. Recommend anyone doing this wear cheap plastic/latex gloves available from any WalMart, Walgreens etc. Also, squeeze gently, cotton inside doesn't absorb that quickly. I prefer these types of bottles over the inkjet syringes as you waste more ink with them over the squeeze bottles. Also keep ink in cool place, heat over time with dry out your ink.




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