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The Trijicon MRO is the Worst Red Dot on the Market

I haven't been this disappointed since Mass Effect 2.

You, Trijicon, keep my vision out of focus;
my optic turns my darkness into blurry darkness
MRO 18:28
Hoplopfheil : NB: I asked Trijicon if the MRO HD had the same magnification as the regular dot models, and got the following reply:

"Both the standard MRO® and MRO® HD are set to zero magnification. The original release of the MRO®, pre 89K serial number, had an allowable tolerance of 1.0x to 1.05x, but anything after 89K serial number is 1.0x + or – 0x."

Also, sorry about the audio at 6:45, I recorded that while eating lunch.
Joel Bell : “The MRO has a big field of view but so does your other eye ball. Open it.” The best!
No bullshit just facts.
Clinton : Even without night vision, the parallax shift was a deal breaker for me. One of the big advantages of a red dot is that head position shouldn't matter as much, which is a huge boon for shooting over, under, and around things. What's the point of having a red dot where you have to worry about head position?
Michael Stroup : See, this right here is why we love hop. He is straight to the point with facts and dry humor. James who? Hop should be the new face of TFB, move over booty shorts, it is Tactical lesbian aunt.

But seriously, thanks for making a video on this. I thought it was me and my astigmatism and fucked up eyes when I tried an MRO once. "Oh man! This top tier reddot everyone tells me is awesome I can't really use properly. Maybe I can't use red dots."
Dillon Nolan : This should be on TFB for better awareness. Trijicon shouldn't be able to get away with shit like this.

Trijicon MRO vs Aimpoint T1 Micro

Trijicon MRO

Aimpoint T1

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Parapearce : The MRO does Fisheye. I compensate this by drinking heavily before any airsoft field Op.
c1utchmatic : I run an MRO on top of an acog on top of a eotech on top of a elcan on top of a 1-6 with a t1 on the side and an RMR at 45. Sextuple reduancy and it looks super cool.
treiz : I had both the T-2 and the MRO, both have the fish eye, both have the blue tint, neither is truly parallax free despite what certain companies claim (physics must be observed). The larger objective on the MRO makes these things a little easier to spot, that and forums pointing them out endlessly but when you look through the optic as intended, at a target, these are non-issues. I for the life of me couldn't figure out why the aimpoint costs so much more, so now I only have MROs. That and I prefer the turrets on top. I also prefer the lower 1/3 co-witness.
FR3EK-STYLE : I love my MRO, had it on for about 1.5 years, setting 3-4 and no problems yet. it has been in -20f and still works at that temp. Great Optic, Great Price.
ZDriver1996 : Thing that really bothers me is the tube effect of the T1. So i opted for the MRO which i prefer over the T1 because of its sight picture. I just hope that the MRO proves itself as reliable as the T1's. I run an Aimpoint Pro as well as a Elcan Specter DR on my other AR's. I feel I'm not bias to price or brand. I try my best to look at the value and utility of the optic for its intended purpose. So for me the MRO edges out in value and utility for me.

WTW Global Aerospace MRO Video Series – Episode 1: The MRO Supply Chain

Marty McConnell, one of our accomplished Aerospace Directors, discusses the supply chain challenges that MROs are currently facing and the various strategies they’re implementing to remain competitive during these changing times. For more, visit




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